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We make it simple. Charlotte Care Services was established with the thought that if you need an experienced and dependable caregiver, we have one for you...when you need them. Simply call us - 704-335-0501.

When looking for a caregiver, you want to find one that is compatible with your family and your needs. We offer a variety of caregivers who can bring the love and attention that your family deserves - be it child care, or even if your family consists of the four-legged, furry kind. Day or night, weekday or weekend, if you need a caregiver, we will have one for you.*

Why so simple?

Because that's how we've always done it. We don't believe our clients should be burdened with more than they need to be. You have a busy life, and we know that. So finding a caregiver shouldn't be a full-time job.

We are not a referral agency

We don't charge referral fees. We have an annual membership fee for child care. After that, it's an hourly fee when you use our caregivers. With pet care, we forego the membership fee and only charge an hourly fee when you use our caregivers.

We are the caregiver's employer. We don't charge a listing fee to our caregivers or to our clients. Which means you don't have to worry about negotiating prices with the caregiver, keeping track of the caregiver's hours and fees paid to both the referral agency and the caregiver. Why is this an important difference? Referral agencies are not the caregiver's employer, you are. And according to the IRS, if you have a household employee to do household work (including babysitters, caretakers, home health aides, and nannies), that worker is your employee - along with paying the fees to the referral agency and the hourly rate to the sitter you will also be responsible for all the extra employment taxes and medicare/social security payments. IRS Publication 926 explains this in more detail. But why make it difficult on yourself? Just call us. We'll be happy to help.

What about background checks, references and experience?

We do a thorough background check on each caregiver, including criminal, work and personal references. And we have personally met each and every one of our caregivers. We know them, and we know they are quality caregivers. Find out more about our caregiver selection process.

Call us today...we can help. 704-335-0501

*While we strive to diligently fill every booking, we do work with a given number of eligible caregivers and may not be able to meet every request.